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good Rubbers and blades (1)

good Rubbers and blades
by Hans 15 years ago
 Re: good Rubbers and blades
by Victor 15 years ago

The following message (subject: good Rubbers and blades) was posted by Hans, on 4/19/2004 6:59:01 PM:
I am looking at buying a new or used TT racket (in NZ). Just wanted your opinion about the foll rubbers and blades (here in NZ, we dont have that many choices):

Stiga Magna
Donic JO Waldner
Yasaka V Stage
Stiga Mendo Energy

Yasaka Gatien 3D

I am a medium-fast offensive player, so would like a rubber/blade combination
that offers speed,spin and control. Which combination would you recommend for me?
Previously, I used Yasaka Mark V rubbers. So it will be very useful for me if you can compare the performance of the above-mentioned rubbers with that of Yasaka Marv V.
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