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rubber suggestion (1)

rubber suggestion
by debraj 12 years ago

The following message (subject: rubber suggestion) was posted by debraj, on 3/15/2007 1:20:31 PM:
okay here's a tricky one.

i need a topsheet that i feel should be like below.


moderate to high tackiness: for spinny serves [my take is that mechanical spin doesn't help here]

and also

Soft and elastic: for mechanical spin on my mid disctance or away from table loops.


soft [40 or less] and springy. that deforms a lot [for dwell time and feel], but springs back to shape without dissipating much energy and returning the same energy to the ball for speed. [transcend does the second part well but not the first]


Tensioned. So i don't have to glue but still get the speed whith out having to use a hard sponge.

Also that the (slack)rubber doesn't go to sleep while digging into the sponge. Do i make any sense?

the glue sounf is welcome too.

and preferably chinese: so i can have a new rubber every 2 months instead of waiting for deteriorating rubber to die.

Summarizing [good dwell time, good tackyness, good mechanical spin, no compromise on speed]

I have been trying to study all rubbers, and the closest thought was andro plasma 380 but that's expensive.
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