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rubber decision (1)

rubber decision
by dave 12 years ago
 Re: rubber decision
by David 12 years ago
 Re: rubber decision
by debraj 12 years ago
 Re: rubber decision
by Mike Oxbent 12 years ago
 Re: rubber decision
by Phong 12 years ago

The following message (subject: rubber decision) was posted by dave, on 3/11/2007 3:58:03 AM:
Hey everyone, any chance i could get advice on which rubber i should use? I play shakehand offensive and love to abuse the forehand loop drive. Right now im using the nittaku hammond 2.2, but the rubbers sooooooo soft to the point where all the spin and speed comes from the sponge itself. And just before this rubber i used the hurricane 3 and everything is great.....except for the fact that its insanely heavy. So i need a rubber that produces fast speed with nice bounce to loop drive heavy down spin balls, yet i need something that also has a nice tacky topsheet to produce more spins on serves and spinny/slow loops
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