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Switching rubbers... (1)

Switching rubbers...
by newbie 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Switching rubbers...) was posted by newbie, on 7/21/2006 12:19:46 PM:

I plan to buy my first assembled racket and would be grateful for assistance from more experienced users.

Please, could someone help me with the following:

- Is switching the same rubbers between different blades for sake of experimentation possible?

I wouldn't do this frequently, but if it was possible, and if I had the opportunity, I wouldn't mind experimenting with how different blades feel like with the same rubbers.

- If it is possible, do the rubbers lose on quality when glued back and forth (with normal glue, NOT speed glue)?

- What would be good precaution steps for minimizing rubber degradation and damage (varnishing the blade, using nail polish to remove the rubber, or anything else)?

- I guess the thickness of glue layer would increase with each switch. Please, how much is too much? Can the built up glue be removed from the sponge?

Thanks in advance for help...
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