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Opticon RS customised (1)

Opticon RS customised
by ZoranV 13 years ago
 Re: Opticon RS customised
by cole 13 years ago

The following message (subject: Opticon RS customised) was posted by ZoranV, on 4/7/2006 7:05:24 PM:
My Opticon RS outer ply started to crack in bar cm wide 4cm long went away...I started to pill of all the rest of the outer ply. Then I stop and made a horizontal cut with a surgent knife 1 cm from the top of handle. This will be coverd with rubber label, and make a had not to crack, because the first inner ply was so soft. I put Joola warnis on it and tomorrow put two older rubbers, on the soft side red sriver g2, on the haeder and faster side black ekrips soft e voila!
I have a customized blade with two diferent sides, one with huge dwell time for looping and carriing the ball during direction changes, and the other one fast and harder , for BH...I can twidle to mess up the opponent...And the combo is very light and fast enaugh for mid distace also!
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