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comeback after long break & home assembly (1)

comeback after long break & home assembly
by Boris 14 years ago

The following message (subject: comeback after long break & home assembly) was posted by Boris, on 12/19/2005 8:56:14 AM:
After a break of many years I want to get back into the game. I would like to keep my blade (Donic Persson Power Allround) but I'll need to get some new rubbers (I'm thinking of trying Yasaka Mark V MS 2.0 since I liked the original Mark V but want to try something more offensive on forehand, with a 1.8 Donic Coppa on backhand. Thoughts?). I do not intend to speed glue.

First of, with the developments in recent years, do you think I should get a new blade that's adjusted to the larger balls?

If not, can anyone give me advice on home assembly? I'm especially concerned about what glue to use and what to cut the rubbers with to get as smooth an edge as possible (I hate when they get all frayed and jagged). Thanks in advance for the info!
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