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729 Rubber/blades recom. request (1)

729 Rubber/blades recom. request
by iamconfounded 14 years ago
 Re: 729 Rubber/blades recom. request
by iamconfounded 14 years ago

The following message (subject: 729 Rubber/blades recom. request) was posted by iamconfounded, on 8/28/2005 4:25:41 AM:
I'm a control+spin variation type wanting 1. spinny serves, 2. spinny loops, 3. fast kill
4. Blocks/pushes that DON'T pop too high.
All with good controllability if possible. (am I asking for too much?)

I've been playing with a DHS 5* racket (Hurricane rubber), but I've also tried the several 729 rubbers and liked them all... (Cream + jpn sponge seemed a little soft?)

I'm want to upgrade and I was looking at the 6030L or the Zebra Hinoki Carbon for the blade (a little higher control than speed rating); and also the Cream, Higher, SP (new Wang Nan) with either MRS or Transcend.

I've looked back through the forum history and it seems there has been a lot of discussion on this already, and very thought answers but cole, alphapong, others... (the 729 Cream MRS is seems popular). However, I would be very grateful if someone could specifically address the selections above:

1. How is 6030L vs Zebra Hinoki vs others?

2. How are Cream vs Higher vs SP vs others?

3. How are MRS vs Transcend vs others?

4. Thicker sponge = faster & less control? Does it feel softer also? What happens to blocking?
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