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Rubber for Juic Kalinic Carbon blade (1)

Rubber for Juic Kalinic Carbon blade
by Paul 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Rubber for Juic Kalinic Carbon blade) was posted by Paul, on 7/25/2005 12:23:32 AM:
I had been using Globe 999 2.0 FH and 729 2.0 BH, which was ok

but i recently used my old blade which had sriver max thickness and i liked the fast hard rubber feel but it was also not controllable enough for my serves and touch shots

was wondering if tenero 2.1 is good for my BH, because its not as developed and i am more defensice on my BH

but was also wondering if i should get donic F1, F2, or 999 elite ultima for my FH and what thickness of rubber

i like to loop when i get the opportunity, but its not very strong yet, so i end up doing a lot a short quick close to the table shots too, some blocking and pushing

also need a good FH rubber for serves, need good tackiness and spin

Thanks for any help!!
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