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729 Blades (1)

729 Blades
by TriN 14 years ago

The following message (subject: 729 Blades) was posted by TriN, on 6/29/2005 11:38:03 AM:
Hello, all.
I haven't been playing for awhile (10 years!). I am looking for a blade to replace my old one. Not that the old one is bad but it's a little bit too "soft" for me. I have a Butterfly's Primorac with Yasaka Mark V on the FH and Sriver FX on the BH. I used to play with somewhat all-around type (serve-push-hit/loop). On the backhand, I almost just serve-and-hit.
I am looking at the 729 composite blades: Blue-Thunder and Hinoki Zebra blades. I couldn't find any topic regarding the Zebra blade. Does anyone have any experience with that blade to share? The reason that makes it interesting is the capability to switch between OFF+ and OFF-.
Also, would the GeoSpin Tacky and Cream Jap be OK on those blades?
Thanks for sharing your thoughts in advance.
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