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Mark V Max or Tibhar Rapid Max? (1)

Mark V Max or Tibhar Rapid Max?
by leon 14 years ago

The following message (subject: Mark V Max or Tibhar Rapid Max?) was posted by leon, on 6/7/2005 5:54:42 PM:
My local shop is selling these two new rubber sheets and DHS H2. what should I get?

I grew up playing DHS PF-4 and C-8, so I smash with hard sponge technique-wise. I have now change/up-grade into primorac 2000 cs with Sriver EL 1.9mm, and liked everything about it (push, backspin)except the sponge is too soft (40degree) for me to accomondate my smashing style. I play close to table and my smash goes long. if I am away then everything is good. also I have no plan to learn RPB, I survive with my one-side traditional backhand. I get kill when people simply go high on my forehand and make me miss my smashes :( I want to be able to change side when they play such game.

now the mark V max is 48degree and Rapid max is 45degree. DHS H2 is 40-42degree. which should I get?

I am leaning towards getting Mark V, as it seems to do well in everything except chop, will it be too thick and hard to control? and the topsheet is not tacky like H2, will that make a difference? I guest the logical procession is H2 (most favorite chinese style fore and back hand combo). any comments by prevous Rapid user (longevity, control, throw angle)?
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