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729 LKT blades (1)

729 LKT blades
by ziggy 15 years ago
 Re: 729 LKT blades
by cole 15 years ago
 Re: 729 LKT blades
by ziggy 15 years ago
 Re: 729 LKT blades
by cole_ely 15 years ago

The following message (subject: 729 LKT blades ) was posted by ziggy, on 4/27/2005 7:35:39 PM:
What I'm looking for is an all wood feel blade with some speed and
a soft sponge tacky rubber. I was looking at the LKT blades because they
have large handles and the price isn't bad. If I don't like the blade
it won't be a big loss. For rubber I was thinking Cream with jap sponge unglued.
What do you think?

Here are my current setups:

Killerspin Kido 7r (my favorite so far)
forza rubber both sides
speed glued
Likes: Good speed, great large handle, good wood feel, Tacky rubber
Dislikes: sponge too hard (not too bad w/speed glue)

Primorac FL (off-)
Geospin tacky (red)
729 FX EL Supersoft (black)
regular and speed glued
Likes: Good large handle
Dislikes: blade is too slow

9010 transformer carbon
Cream MRS both sides
regular glue
Likes: Tacky rubber, good speed
Dislikes: Handle too small, sponge too hard

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