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Persson powerfibre or Waldner diablo? (1)

Persson powerfibre or Waldner diablo?
by jiankuan 17 years ago

The following message (subject: Persson powerfibre or Waldner diablo?) was posted by jiankuan, on 5/3/2003 8:16:01 PM:

I have been a penholder but now I have decided to use shakehand. I consider myself as an offensive
player who likes to loop, counter-loop from both forehand
and backhand. Of course control
is also important---I somehow
still like to "feel" the ball.
My USTTA rating is around 1900.

Currently I am choosing a new paddle between Waldner diablo
and Persson powerfibre. They
all use glassfibre.

1. Can some one tell me their
experiences with the two? For
me, which one might be better?

2. Any other blade recommendations?

3. For the rubbers, are there
any differences between forehand
and backhand? Why people use
different rubbers for the two

Thanks a lot. Any input will be
greatly appreciated.


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