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For STIGA&#39s users (1)

For STIGA's users
by Mirosl 14 years ago
Re: For STIGA's users
by bes 14 years ago
Re: For STIGA's users
by cole 14 years ago

The following message (subject: For STIGA&#39s users) was posted by Mirosl, on 3/14/2005 12:00:49 PM:
What is the best blade for touch and feeling:

1 Stiga Allround Classic WRB (speed 63 control 80 from Stiga Official Brochure)

2 Stiga Allround Evolution (s 72 c 65)

3 Stiga Tube Allround WRB (s 63 c 73)

4 Stiga Offensive Classic WRB (s 77 c 68)

5 Stiga Energy WRB (s 78 c 66)?

Iím looking for a new blade.

My old blade is Donic Appelgren Allplay, FH Donic Coppa 2.1 and BH Donic Vario 1.8.

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