Wang Liqin wins China Open

Beats Korea’s LEE Jung Woo in the final

ITTF Press Release

WANG Liqin is ranked number one on the current ITTF Men’s World Ranking list, he is the reigning World champion; add these two factors together and there is one conclusion to be drawn. He is the best table tennis player in the world and he proved that point in Harbin at the Panasonic China Open when he won the Men’s Singles title.

He beat Korea’s LEE Jung Woo in the final 11-8, 6-11, 11-5, 11-8, 11-8.

“I was well prepared”, explained WANG Liqin. “It was important that I adopted the right strategy, it was important I was positive and played aggressively.” Certainly when confronting LEE Jung Woo any negativity will be punished, as he strives ever sinew to executive his fast forehand topspin strokes.

“He’s a young player, he’s very strong and also he has a high level of skill”, continued WANG Liqin. “Yesterday, he played outstandingly well against MA Lin, he was very good indeed; he has the qualities to be an excellent player.”

It could well be argued that LEE Jung Woo is already an excellent player but of course WANG Liqin has such high standards that the word `excellence’ only applies to those who win world title events.

LEE Jung Woo is another player emanating from Asia; the continent that in recent times has won more titles at top international level than any other continent in the world. “I think the European players have the same level of skill as the Asian players”, explained WANG Liqin. “I think the European players are perhps stronger on the first three balls in a rally but I think the Asian players are faster and more consistent.”

Maybe, but watching MA Lin play he seems pretty severe on the first three balls after the service and WANG Liqin is more and more the complete player, an expert in every part of the game and that is why he is the World champion. “My confidence is high since winning in May at the Volkswagen 48th World Championships in Shanghai’ he continued. However, it’s not only his ability to play consistently or attack quickly after the service that is important;, there is also the mental aspect to consider.

“Attitude is very important, you must have the right attitude”, he added. “A good attitude is important both before and during a match, whilst after the match you need to appraise the situation.” Undoubtedly, WANG Liqin is totally professional in his approach to table tennis. “You need to understand what progress you are making”, he said. “You must review the current situation and look at how you can improve.”

Wise words from the man ranked number one in the world, he is the dominant player in 2005; winner of the Liebherr Qatar Open in February, the Volkswagen 48th World Championships in May, the Asian Championships in August and now the Men’s Singles tile at the Panasonic China Open 2005.

It is a quite prodigious achievement.

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