Brazilian Open: Romanian wins Men's Singles

Sweden’s Pär GERELL and Jens LUNDQVIST win doubles

ITTF Press Release

Romania’s Adrian CRISAN clinched the Men’s Singles title at the Liebherr Brazilian Open on Sunday 26th June 2005 and in so doing won his first ever title on the ITTF Pro Tour.

He beat Germany’s Peter FRANZ 11-8, 11-3, 11-7, 7-11, 11-5.

“We lost in the semi-finals of the German Bundesliga Play Off matches so I’ve had more time to train in the past few weeks and make sure that I was physically in good shape”, said CRISAN. “I’m sure that’s a major reason why I played so well here in Brazil.”

CRISAN represents TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen in the German Bundesliga and in the semi-finals they faced Müller Würzburger Hofbraü; in the first match on Sunday 29th May 2005 they lost by six games to four; in the second match one week later they lost six-three so for CRISAN the club commitments for the 2004-2005 season were at an end.

The twenty-six year old Romanian was in form throughout the Liebherr Brazilian Open and was never extended to a sixth game, let alone a seventh but he accepted that it had been a tough road to the title and perhaps his victories were closer than the scores suggest. “I think the hardest match was against Jens LUNDQVIST in the semis but it was also tough against Patrick CHILA in the quarters and against Peter FRANZ in the final”, explained CRISAN. “I knew that I had to be totally focused; I couldn’t let my concentration lapse for a slit second; against Peter FRANZ I lost the fourth game when he started to take some risks so in the fifth it was imperative I concentrated fully.”

Certainly, he remained focused throughout and the man who is known for how hard he trains was the champion. “My forehand was good today” he explained. “I played well against some very experienced players, I’m delighted, I cannot describe in words how I feel.”

No Chance
“I had no chance today, he was the better player, he didn’t make any mistakes”, said Peter FRANZ. “It’s very difficult for a left hander playing against his backhand, the ball comes so deep especially to the forehand.”

Nevertheless FRANZ had for the first time in his career reached the final of a Men’s Singles event on the ITTF Pro Tour. “I’m very satisfied with my performance; especially against ROSSKOPF whom I’ve lost to many times in Germany but did beat at the Croatian Open two years ago”, he added. “My backhand has improved and that’s helped me, I don’t have to run so much to try to play my forehand and that’s important because I’m old now.” He’s thirty-four years old, is that old?

CRISAN was ecstatic, he had won an international title; the hours of training all seemed worthwhile. “I just want to thank everybody; especially my family for all the wonderful support they have given me”, he added. “Also I’m indebted to TTF Liebherr Ochsenhausen, I’ve been there five years and the club has been tremendous; when I first came Zlatko NOVAKOVIC was the coach; he helped me a great deal whilst in the past four years it’s been Leo AMIZIC, I’d like to publicly thank both of them.”

It was a fine performance by CRISAN, one that was thoroughly merited and the man who plays for the club that is sponsored by Liebherr had won the tournament that carried their name; Adrian CRISAN was the 2005 Liebherr Brazilian Open Men’s Singles champion; a proud moment in his career.

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