Chuan wins Brazilian Open

Defeats Swede Jens Lundqvist in final

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 29 June 2003. Young CHUAN Chih-Yuan (TPE) got his first Pro Tour title at the Brazilian Open – young Swede Jens Lundqvist will have to wait.

The spectators watching the Men’s Singles final would probably have liked to give a title to both players. CHUAN and LUNDQVIST gave the audience an excellent match with lots of good table tennis and tension to the very last point.

Swede Jens LUNDQVIST was in his first Pro Tour final ever but he actually looked like a winner, when he took the lead 3-2. However, LUNDQVIST’s game is very powerful but it also costs a lot of energy and the Swede could not “keep up the steam”.

He lost 10-12 in the crucial 6th game and in the 7th perhaps CHUAN’s experience from 3 previous finals made the difference.

“I played each game at a time, without worrying about the title. That is how I learnt myself to do it. I liked playing here in Rio, the spectators were great”, says the new Brazilian Open Champion.

CHUAN Chih Yuan qualified for and won the Men’s Singles Grand Finals 2002, but this is his first title at a Pro Tour event.

Jens LUNDQVIST proved that the Swedes are still able to produce new players, and for sure he will be one of the leading stars when players like Jan-Ove WALDNER and Jorgen PERSSON disappear from the World scene.

However on Sunday of course LUNDQVIST was quite disappointed.

“I am extremely frustrated. I had the lead 8-5 in the last game, I have the feeling that I should have won. However I have to say, that at the end CHUAN made some excellent moves”, says the Swede, who after all will look back at the Brazilian Open with a good feeling.

“It was a fantastic week for me. I reached my first Pro Tour final and I am very happy with my performance here in Brazil”.

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