Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

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In Rakza 7 Soft the top sheet is the same as for Rakza 7. The sponge is softer which gives the rubber more sound and built-in speed glue effect. With Rakza 7 Soft the control characteristics are improved. After hitting the ball with top spin the curve of the ball is slightly higher, giving little bit bigger margins in the game. In the short return play, the ball feel is better.

Speed: 93
Spin: 96
Control: 68
Hardness: 37- 42

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Reviews of Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft (35)

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 External Review on April 18, 2014
i have this rubber on 1.8 and 2.0 on a dhs pg 7 blade feels and plays good ,can flip.loop,smash and serve wiyh great ease and spin,onli problem i have sometimes is blocking but i guess i need more practice to get use to it,only played 2-3 hours with this paddle.this rubber can do well on mid distande ,good luck to all!
 External Review on March 18, 2014
After EJ'ing a lil bit around this has become my permanent backhand rubber. Very good controlled offense, awesome opening loops, smashes and chops. This rubber acts a little differently when brand new, so give it a good 4 to 5 hours of use and then the real performance of this rubber kicks in. Initially it seems to me very sensitive to incoming spin but turned out it is not. Not as soft as people would think (because of its name), I would say tad harder than Tenergy 05FX. Very good find!!
 External Review on March 8, 2014
A very high quality rubber suitable for intermediate and advanced players. Nice speed, great spin with high throw. Perfect on Butterfly TBS or M. Maze with regular Rakza on FH and Rakza soft on BH. Reactive to incoming spin so not recommended for beginners. Great for double wing loopers who play mid/away.
 External Review on March 3, 2014
I use this rubber for my forehand. It's a nice rubber if you want to improve your style with a tensor rubber, you can put it in all kind of blades and not feel the difference. Removing the water based glue is almost impossible from the sponge and the speed is below the standard of the other tensor rubber.
 External Review on November 12, 2013
Rakza 7 soft Max Black Colour.
It is a Tensor rubber. Very lightweight, grippy almost not at all tacky. This rubber is slightly slower than the Rakza 7 but generates even more spin than that ! You notice the effect of the tensor when playing the 2nd or 3rd ball, when your return gets noticeably spinnier and faster off the table. And it is huge! Your opponent better be prepared to go "Fetch" that ball because its going to bounce away from him at the speed of light. You can put your opponent in deep unrecoverable places with the speed and spin.

One thing though, the rubber reacts to spin/serves just like Mark V, meaning you have to exert quite a bit of control and push/chop the spin balls correctly, else you will see the ball bounce off your racket at crazy angles.

You can still block top spins and watch your ball land on the other side. You can push/block and have your opponent run all over the place, but beware of the spinnier returns, and try to play aggressively, which is the real beauty of this rubber !!!

Balls with curve into the table and chops are sharp, even a slow chopping motion can make a return ball very hard to catch !

Ever increasing speed, spin while still in control makes this rubber really good for the constant rally player. Korean choppers, flippers and pushers will do very well with this rubber as their weapon. They might need to open up their blade slightly and stroke play to get this ( this is a soft sponge rubber ) but no need to add power ! Thats the thing, this rubber reacts if you even slightly brush the ball !!!

Blocking and hitting is probably not a strong suite with this rubber, I think it might be due to the tensor, it requires activation through stroke play where brushing the ball makes the tensor active and the rubber alive. If you block try korean chopping ( even a little bit helps) the resulting ball definitely returns spinnier and the speed might be like as if you hit the ball !!!

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