Donic Acuda S2

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Rated 4.5/5

Donic Acuda S2 is a very fast rubber with outstanding spin qualities. Close to or away from the table it is possible to play "loop-loop" as in the days of speed glued rubbers. Despite its medium-hard sponge, ACUDA S1 is easily controllable and has a great feel. You can count on ACUDA S1 even in an awkward situation. This rubber may be fast but ball control is excellent. Basic character: spin-focused, high precision fast rubber. Player's style: aggressive, first ball attack, close to the table.

Type: Smooth
Speed: 92
Spin: 98
Control: 69
Hardness: 42.5

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Reviews of Donic Acuda S2 (42)

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 External Review on July 27, 2014
First time using such a PRO rubber...

Amazing spin and speed. Perfect for my Forehand.

Very good for drives and serves. You will get lots of spin doing the right movements with the ball.

Havent tried blocking a lot with it, but you might have just to adjust your angle acording to the spin and strength.

Glued in a Tibhar Red Cypress. Very nice (y)

 External Review on June 6, 2014
This is good rubber, needed a week of hiting to break through the spange and then it start playing relly well... it has pretty consistent strong spin, and moderate speed. It has high arch on slow loops and medium to low on fast loops. I am Using it on forehand and t64 on backhand of my t-8 blade. Pretty happy with it, A2 doesn't excel in any particular aspect, but does everything well, and overall very solid Rubber.
 External Review on May 11, 2014
One of the Best rubber i ever had.
Incredible spin. I top everything with this rubber.
Good control.
It is harder and faster than m2.
With m2 i fell that tje speed os not enought. With s2 the speed os OK
Not as fast as s1, bit it is OK if you hit harder

 External Review on March 21, 2014
Acuda S2 look a bit tacky .The sponge seem soft but the Acuda S2 will be the softer one it seems. My serves are usually side spin with combination of backspin, abit like Wang Haos serve, and it usually goes to the middle/far table. As for service return, as a penholder, it is normally a push or flick. Forehand wise, I attack the wings of the table. I will use fast attack when near table while looping more when I get further away from the table.
For the forehand rubber, which I put the DONIC Acuda S2, I can say that this rubber will be much better if you think that DONIC Bluefire M2 is good. Although DONIC Acuda S2 is not somewhat like have more technology than the DONIC Bluefire M2, but I can say it is better and also suit me better. This rubber not only have the control but also the power spin. Why do I say this rubber suit my forehand? Cause I use the flat hits when nearer to table, but as I step back, Ill start to use topspin as it is harder to flat hit but sometimes if it is too fast, i will still use flat hits. This rubber ensure that the ball will land onto the opponent table with great spin. This rubber can give u very short balls that is near the net. But if you are a looper or like me a Near table fast-attack player, this rubber will be the best for you. No matter if it is you put it on the forehand or the backhand, this rubber is a great combination of all both qualities of spin and most importantly control. I would not say it has the fastest and spinniest spin, but I would say that the amount of control is definitely excellent, plus the addition of good spin, it is more than sufficient to kill of your opponent with either fast shot or topspin. Plus the weight is somewhere in the middle, comfortable for both Forehand and Backhand. The throw angle wise is also somewhere in the middle, you will find that you will play comfortably with this rubber. I recommend this rubber to all players who want to have excellent control with also tremedous extreme spin.

 External Review on January 30, 2014
I currently use this on BH side in 2.0 on Xiom Aria blade (5 ply wood). This rubber is a good choice for offensive players that want a great deal of control in their game. It��s not too fast, and feels very linear in terms of speed being directly proportional to how much you put on it. It has very good spin, but not as much as I typically like and expect out of a tensor, especially on serves. I felt like it was very easy to hit the table on loops, drives and blocks due to the control factor. This rubber has one of the most unique and satisfying sounds when you make optimal topspin contact. Sponge hardness feels similar to Barracuda, maybe a bit harder.

Update: I've had this on my BH for 5 months, and the topsheet shows hardly any signs of wear. Durability is better than anything I've used

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