Butterfly Tenergy 25

Butterfly Tenergy 25

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Tenergy is a revolutionary pimples in rubber. It combines the original "Spring Sponge" and High Tension technology designed by Butterfly.

The best for playing close to the table following extensive tests by both technology and players. Tenergy 25 enables the player to attack strongly with both spin and power whether near to the table or at half distance. It is the perfect answer for the player of today and tomorrow. Tenergy is also the fastest and most explosive rubber in Butterfly line all without the use of any speed-glues or tuning. Tenergy 25 will keep its speed throughout the life of the rubber without need for any special treatments.

"Spring Sponge". Spring Sponge feels hard yet its new technology allows it to hold the ball on the racket longer.

High Tension rubbers have tension built in to the sponge and top-sheet. This helps reduce the amount of energy lost at the point of impact. In essence, it turns the speed of your opponents shot into additional power for you. In short, High Tension rubbers are fast, VERY FAST. The first such rubber was Bryce, introduced in 1997. It is by far the most widely used rubber among Butterfly’s sponsored players including the 2003 World Champion, Werner Schlager(AUT).

Speed: 135
Spin: 110
Density: 36
Reglue Effect: Medium

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Reviews of Butterfly Tenergy 25 (26)

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 External Review on April 7, 2013
Tested with a Stiga Maplewood NCT V

- Works well for active BH blocks & mid distance BH loops.
- Ball can be placed very accurate.
- Nice BH rubber.

 External Review on February 17, 2013
Tenergy 25:

Push: Somewhat bouncier that the 05. however, with a swift jab, or a quick wrist motion chop, the short pushes were extremely spinny, and placement was no issue.
Flick: Effortless over the table flicks.
Counter: Perfect. Amazing precision on even the hardest hit shots.
Loop: Quite good for looping because of the low throw angle. You can basically just aim and swing away.
Mid-Distance: I��m not sure why so many people complain here. It was extremely fast and spinny from mid-distance�¦ but obviously it��s strongest point is the counter close to the table.
Chop: Amazing.
Lift: Easy.
Serves: Easy to keep short and add lots of spin, but still less than 05 on serves

 External Review on February 15, 2013
I tested T25 1.7mm black, for ar possible replacement of mine T05 1.7mm black.

I'm playing with Yinhe 980 blade (speedy and rigid def blade) + Spinlord Dornenglanz long pips + Tenergy 05 1,7mm. I'm an allrounder and I play near the table, spinning, blocking and smashing. I'm a kind of mix between Pushblocker and Akkertrom...

One word: "Perfect"

I liked T05 very much, but I had to concede that pushes, returns, blocks where a bit delicate. I was always struggling to keep the ball on the table and not too long.

With the T25, I keep most of the great T05's qualities en I improve a lot the control for all the shots where I was struggling with T05.

Block: A lot easier with T25. I feel immediately a better control and and I'm able to vary the deepness and the placement of my shots. I can absorb the energy of the incoming loop and make a short and dead block or accelerate. Smash the incoming loop is also easier. This is a very strong point of T25.

Smash: Same. Great control that gives a lot of confidence for smashing.

Pushes: With T05, keep pushes short enough and not out of the table is a constant chalenge. With the T25, I have no more this catapult effect that insecure the pushes and I control easily the ball making pushes long or short, where I want.

Serves: Coming from T05, its easier to place the ball and keep it lower. But, I had the feeling that I was able to give a lithe bit more spin with T05. I think that the T05 is more dangerous for serves because of this ability to give more spin.

Loops: The trajectory of the ball is flatter with T25. I think that T05 is a very high throw rubber and that the T25 is a lower throw rubber. But this doesn't mean that T25 have a low throw. I will say that it' a medium throw rubber an that it's still higher than a lot of other rubbers. I also have the feeling that T25 gives a little less spin on the ball. But it's still spiny... T25 ask to pay attention to the net when T05 gives more arc and latitude to stay over the net. Personally I prefer the flatter trajectory of T25. From mid-distance, the T25 is still enough dynamic for looping balls easily.
For counter-looping near the table, I think that T25 is better than T05. I think that T05 because of his higher throw is worse than T25 for this kind of shots. With T25 on some shots as looping incoming serves or counter spinning incoming loops near the table the ball tent to be long because of the higher throw. For this shots, with a lower throw, the T25 gives me a better result.
Far from the table, the T05 gives more ease and better results, the T25 is still good but requires more energy to return balls on the table.

Throw angle: T05 = Very high T25 = Average
Spin: T05 = 9/10 T25 = 8/10
Control: T05 = 6,5/10 T25 = 9/10
Speed: T05 = 9/10 T25 = 8/10
Hardness: T05 = 7/10 T25 = 7/10

It seems that everybody have not the same opinion about the speed of this rubbers, but, in my opinion, the T25 is just a little bit less speedy that the T05. Maybe, the better control gives me this feeling?

About hardness, I had not really the feeling that T25 was a bit harder. It's only a different feel because of the bigger pips from the T25.

Conclusion: The T25 is done for me and fit perfectly my style. I liked T05 very much, but with T25 I keep most of the great qualities of T05 and he add other great qualities that are completely essential for the way I play. Adopted!

 External Review on May 13, 2012
This rubber has a lot of power, but it can be difficult to control. It definitely takes getting used to. Once you get used to it, it can be very spinny with just the right amount of tackiness to make looping possible.
 External Review on May 9, 2012
I have played with Galaxy Sun and Moon for some time now. Some people have said that it compares with Tenergy rubbers. The played well,good control en speed is fare. Today I played with my new Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5,with Tenergy 25 on the forehand and Sriver G3 FX on the backhand, WOW!WOW, it was a huge difference from Galaxy range. It is awesome, to begin with, the T25 has very good control for fast and harder rubber. The speed is very good en idol for play close to the table and on medium distance and I am sure it will be fine on longer range too. The Sriver G3 fx is nice and soft and WOW it gives me very good control on backhand attack and on defence. The control on chopping/backspin is fantastic. I have finally found the rubbers for my kind of game.

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