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In Equipment GuidesButterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC - Detailed Review

Added 29 days ago
ThePongProfessor reviews Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC: On this occasion, I was given the opportunity to evaluate one of the fastest blades in the Butterfly range, i.e., the Butterfly Lin Yun-Ju Super ZLC (LYJ-SZLC) blade. This blade has been developed in collaboration with, named after, and used by, the young superstar from Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), who has astonished spectators with his amazing banana flicks. The LYJ-SZLC is a 5+2 ply composite blade featuring a kiri core, limba intermediate plies, and Super ZLC (SZLC) fibers, which are placed below the outer koto ply. The SZLC fiber is a high-density weave that combines the properties of carbon (i.e., minimal dissipation of energy, resulting in high speed) and ZL fibers (increased strength and elasticity, whilst maintaining low weight). The SZLC fibers are nearly twice as dense as the regular ZLC fibers used in certain other Butterfly blades, which promises to further increase the sweet spot and speed of the blade while producing a medium-hard to hard touch.

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